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Bringing Data Science to the Art of Selling – the Genesis of DxC SalesSuite

November 25, 2015
By Debu Chatterjee
Back when I was employed at a decision support company delivering fraud analytics for healthcare providers, I would wistfully look at the OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition) reports of the funnel sliced and diced by stages, probabilities, amounts, age in the pipeline and even an expected revenue based on stage weighted probabilities. Quarters over quarters, the expected revenue wildly beat the internal targets, but never materialized as predicted.

The simple fact that is that a deal is either won or lost. 80% chance of winning does not materialize into a .8x the deal size by the close date; but it played over and over again for every deal won or lost.

The simple irony of the above fact is that when sales management and sales reps are planning their revenue target, they are creating a pipeline worth pursuing 3-4x the revenue sought just as a civil engineer or a mechanical engineer would add a safety factor into the structures supporting the building or the product.

Generating a larger pipeline not only means a large marketing spend, but also a significant amount of sales time spent on prospecting rather than on selling / closing opportunities in the pipeline.

Yet in today's world with sophisticated data collection mechanisms within a CRM repository like Salesforce, every plan, every action, every deal profile, every sales person's focus is captured in some form or other – structured or unstructured, numerically or behaviorally, and maintained over multiple sales cycles.

This kept me awake at night wondering why can't we take all the data we have around a well defined sales process which every company purports to have and use the corporate big data to deliver a more focused approach to deal pursuit. And why has anyone not done this before.

The Holy Grail to successful selling is to be able to focus on the deals that will be successful and discard the ones that are not going to be as early as the sales rep can. There is only a finite time that a sales rep and his extended team can spend per day chasing deals.

And out of this thought process and later due diligence was born DxC SalesSuite – innovative solutions that deliver the precision of data to support the art of selling.

What a sales manager today does intuitively by experience is brought to life through a single value grading the quality of each opportunity relative to all others in the pipeline. Big bata drives sales. Companies can now finally reap the benefits of the seeds they have sown.

Debu Chatterjee

Written by Debu Chatterjee

Debu founded DxContinuum in 2012 because he believed that the growth of corporate Big Data has the key to solve the challenge every Sales Organization has – be predictable and consistent. With 25 years of experience in all things data – predictive analytics, business intelligence, distributed systems, databases, systems management, enterprise software, and security; and roles in areas of technical and business execution, strategy and delivery, global development and build vs buy decisions, he now leads DxContinuum, a company focused on solving the predictability challenges of Sales Organizations.Prior to being a startup founder, Debu was Vice President of Healthcare and Fraud Analytics at Fair Isaac. In that role, he delivered multi tenanted, multi modal deployment of highly scalable software solutions using predictive analytics to detect fraud abuse and waste in healthcare payor industry. Prior to that, Debu was at Informatica, a leading provider of enterprise data integration software, where he was fully responsible for Informatica Power Center, and the Connector suite of products. Prior to that, he worked at Oracle, where he managed and developed key technologies for the Database Server and Systems Management Products. Over 15 years, he delivered key Oracle technologies like Oracle Call Interface, Advanced Queues, Streams, and Oracle Enterprise Manager. He has been awarded 19 patents and has filed for numerous others. He was a founding Member of Enterprise Grid Alliance and has presented at other Grid Computing and Distributed Systems conferences. Debu has an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, a Masters in Computer Science from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and a Bachelors in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur.