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Platforms vs. Engines

November 29, 2016
By Kevin Brooks

In the B2B software business we often find ourselves discussing the infrastructure that ties together systems and processes. The messy reality can be quite complex, so to streamline conversation and planning we tend to simplify concepts. For example, consider what is meant when people talk about the "cloud."

One area that gets particular attention is the code that is shared across different applications and data sets. This is often referred to as a "platform" because you can visualize it underneath other things, and you can picture stacking things on top of it.

DxContinuum has been described by some as a platform because our software works behind the scenes to provide predictive models and analysis to sales, marketing and services teams. But we prefer to think of ourselves as an engine -- which is why we refer to our core technology as the Fathom Engine.

EMdrive -- the so-called "Impossible" space enginePlatforms are important and necessary, but engines change things. Engines power action. Engines transform the world. The transformative impact of the railroads couldn't have happened without the steam engine. Electric motors revolutionized automation across nearly every aspect of modern life and continue to do so with every Tesla that rolls off the line. And even now there is excitement about a so-called "Impossible" engine that may radically transform our concept of space travel.

For those looking to use the power of predictive analytics and machine learning to drive change and action in their business, the concept of an engine just seems more appropriate. That's what we've built here at DxContinuum, and that's what our customers are using to accelerate success across many different dimensions. For example:

  • A major global software provider gets significantly more revenue with fewer resources.
  • A leading technology provider identifies and captures new opportunities within its existing customer base.
  • A global marketing team focuses spend and resources on campaigns that convert more rapidly to closed business.

To learn more about DxContinuum's Fathom Engine, check our video or just give us a call (+1 510-747-9550). Whether you're a potential customer or just curious, we're eager to talk.



Kevin Brooks

Written by Kevin Brooks

Kevin Brooks is responsible for all sales and marketing at DxContinuum. He is a marketing innovator with more than 20 years of leadership experience in both startup and Fortune 100 software companies. His most recent role was Chief Marketing Officer at Ivalua, Inc. Prior roles include Senior Vice President of Marketing at iTradeNetwork, Inc. and Chief Marketing Officer positions at FoodLink Holdings, Inc., IQNavigator and TrueDemand Software. He is also known for co-founding the procurement industry media site Spend Matters, and for his marketing leadership at Ariba and ADP. Kevin is also chair of the board of directors at the Santa Clara Vanguard, a national nonprofit youth music and arts organization, and he holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Macalester College.