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A Modest Perspective

July 27, 2016
By Kushal Chatterjee

DxContinuum is, at its core, a company that is focused on predicting the future. It’s not some crystal ball. It uses existing data to build predictions through probabilistic techniques. Essentially, it comes down to the idea that our future is the sum of our past, and that every decision we make ultimately comes to fruition in the future.

TheFuture.jpgI have been working at DxContinuum as an intern for a little over a month now. I just finished my second year at UCLA in the chemical engineering undergraduate program. I also work as an assistant editor at a satirical publication on campus, The Westwood Enabler. Satire is different from typical writing in that it forces us to take a uniquely crafted lens that turns a standard viewpoint around on itself. A similar thing can be said about predictive analytics, the focus of DxContinuum’s platform.

Instead of a murky crystal ball, we examine data through a precise and finely whetted lens, one that allows us to pinpoint the best opportunities to pursue. It isn’t so much an idea of which lead generates the greatest revenue, but which leads are worth pursuing to maximize total revenue. Our approach takes into account the entire company and its sales organization’s history. And it works. We’re getting 85% or greater accuracy with our predictive models.

But if the future is the sum of experiences, it is the experiences that truly define our future. And I have many experiences that characterize my time at DxContinuum. There are definitely those that will help build my professional skillset when interviewing for jobs and planning my career. However, there is also the whirring of the coffee machine and the frantic attempts to capture a Growlithe on the way to a team lunch. These are all parts of the whole.

My time at DxContinuum has helped me understand that the future can be understood by taking in everything, and looking for patterns that predict where to best focus one’s time and energy. It is a great lesson, and one that will help me understand my path ahead.


Kushal Chatterjee

Written by Kushal Chatterjee

Kushal Chatterjee is a third year chemical engineering student at UCLA. He is an assistant editor for the satirical publication The Westwood Enabler and has previously worked as a data science intern at Peel Technologies. At DxContinuum, he has provided work in data science and marketing, and wants to work in a startup after he graduates in 2018.